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Our goal is to bring the home and the school into a closer relationship, encouraging intelligent cooperation between parents, students and teachers in the education of young people. We promote the welfare of young people in the home, school and community. We want to develop between educators and the general public united efforts for the benefit of all youth. Our biggest goal is to raise the standard of the elementary school experience.

The goals are promoted through an educational program directed toward parents and teachers. They are developed through meetings, committees, projects and programs.

This year the Daly HSA has had to become creative in raising money due to lack of in-person events. We hope you will continue to take part in our fundraisers, including virtual events to raise money for Daly.

Throughout the school year, the Daly HSA runs great fundraisers to help meet our goals. We have brought yoga and taekwondo programs to Daly, promoting movement, exercise and discipline. Due to the current state, Daly staff has had to adjust outdoor and indoor recess to allow for social distancing. Through fundraising, the HSA has been able to purchase indoor and outdoor actives to aid the staff and students in allowing for social-emotional activities and social distancing.

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